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Welcome to the enchanted world of Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears are affordable, collectable bears and characters designed by Charlie at The Bearhouse in Cornwall. Charlie also collaborates with other world-renowned bear artists to create different collections. All Charlie Bears are limited in production, and our special collections often have very low editions. Lovingly made by hand, each bear has their own unique characteristics and that is why only Charlie Bears are known as the bears with personalities.

Founded by Charlotte and William Morris in late 2005, Charlie Bears began its journey on 1st February 2006 with the launch of its first collection of just 12 bears. Today we have created over 2500 different designs and Charlie Bears are available to adopt from over 500 retail stores and online shops worldwide.

Why it’s always the bear that chooses you

Charlie always says it is the bear that chooses you rather than you choosing the bear and when it happens to you, you’ll know exactly what she means! The soulful “who me?” eyes may tug at your heartstrings or it might be because the bear’s name has a special maning for you. And sometimes you simply won’t know why, there is no logic as to why this particular bear has chosen you, but you won’t be able to resist and before you know it they’ll be coming home with you to join your hug! We hope you enjoy being chosen and remember – there is always room for one more bear!

Visit The Bearhouse Gallery

Opened in the summer of 2016, The Bearhouse Gallery in Cornwall is a beary-special place for collectors and stockists to step into the secret world of Charlie Bears…

The gallery is a truly enchanting place where everyone can experience the joy of Charlie Bears. It has evolved from Charlie’s original design room, which she developed in to a magical world and opened it up to the public. In her words, the gallery is here to ‘wow and educate’ visitors about Charlie Bears. It is a multi-sensory space and many visitors become avid Charlie Bears collectors, going on to search for available bears through our network of stockists.



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