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Day Sail – This summer holidays Lynher will sail every day exploring Plymouth Sound and the Rivers. Parties of 12 people welcome, prior booking essential.

Mini Break – Leave the city behind and head for the South West. You can have an adventure on your doorstep, just travel to Plymouth and board the barge for a mini-break.

River Cruises – Explore the Rivers Lynher & Tamar and their rich heritage. The concealed remains of the mining landscape and the industrial river transport meet with the stunning riverscape which profusely inspired artists such as W.E.Turner.

Family Holidays – Explore and discover new riverscapes with your loved ones, learn new skills, eat healthy and enjoy life at the centre of a stunning river estuary.

Away Days – Lynher sits 12 around her long table in the cargo hold to inspire you and your colleagues to open your mind to new ideas. Private venues for a greater number of people are hosted alongside quays and marinas.

Tradtional Boat Training – Lynher is a challenging boat to sail, manage and operate. We have developed a specific course aimed at young adults wishing to enter the historic and traditional sailing boat industry.

Community Impact. The Lynher River Barge CIC and its Directors have a particular interest in the imaginative reuse and development of heritage assets to meet the new and ever evolving social, cultural and economical challenges faced by all modern communities. To this end, we are working with Plymouth School of Creative Arts to educate children within our local community. Using the theme of Sustainability on the Water, the children have been learning how to use tools, source sustainable material and plan the build or repair of a boat as a means of transport for both people and cargo. The ongoing conservation of the barge is enabling local children to learn the skills required to operate safely and enjoy our waterways whilst exploring their maritime heritage. n order to help the parents to engage with outdoor water-based activities together with their children, Lynher Barge partners with other water-sports centre and the Plymouth School of Creative Arts to deliver the Sport England funded project “Making Waves Together” . This project is based along the module of the “River School” but for families. It involves living aboard together using only sustainable materials and equipment to carry out domestic chores. Cooking together fresh, local produce and learn some new, healthy recipes. A cruise on the barge along the waterways identifies new locations for the families to explore. Anchored in a secluded cove, children & parents can learn to paddle, row, dinghy sail in a calm surrounding. It is an effective way for the community of Plymouth to reconnect with their environment and heritage whilst learning new skills.

Boat History: The fascinating history of the Lynher is detailed with photos on the website

About us: Dominic and Barbara both hold a considerable experience as sail training operators on historic ships. In the past three decades they have worked for various sail training charities and successfully managed a number of projects. During the years they have taught a host of trainees, some of them now expert seafarers and boatbuilders themselves! Without them and other incredible people joining the project as it developed, Lynher would not be floating today. Rob, Debbie and Simon, all expert business consultants, compensate our sailor’s nature with their knowledge and acumen, their contribution towards the growth and development of Lynher CIC is invaluable.

You can book any type of voyage through our office. Advanced booking is essential. Either download a booking form from the website or email or phone 01752 710052