Launceston Castle

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Climb to the top of this Norman castle and you’ll be rewarded with the most remarkable views. Launceston was the former capital of Cornwall and the castle, commanding the town and surrounding countryside, controlled the main entry route into the county.

Unlock the castle’s 1000-year history from one of Cornwall’s great strongholds to a bleak prison, to a World War II hospital. George Fox, the founder of the Quakers, was famously imprisoned here in 1656 and recorded it in his journal as a ‘nasty stinking place’.

A new exhibition includes some never-before-seen objects from the castle, including a mysterious whale bone. Find out about the castle’s intriguing history, its medieval heyday, and its fall from grace.

Despite its tumultuous past, the castle grounds are ideal for relaxing while you enjoy the views of the surrounding valley. Enjoy a picnic while you imagine the hustle and bustle of castle life.