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Step into our World! As you enter the grounds through an enchanting forest, you will discover the most magical place. Nestled amongst woodland trees, sits the main visitor centre with its towering chimney. Venture inside and your brain teasing adventures begin. You emerge into a quintessential country setting, a small railway station straight in front, a thatched cottage on the hillock behind and the foreboding Forbidden Mansion to your side.

Take the paths or catch the train to explore the park. Embark on two puzzle detective trails, that will have you searching and scratching your head to your wits end! but massively great fun. Enter the world of Tremuddlewick, the home of Cornish elves, fairies, pixies and muddlers, strange woodland creatures that look after the plants and thrive on slugs and worms. See the many Elf houses with their little round doors and pretty gardens, the pixie tree houses, fairy burrows and pay a visit to the ‘talking toilet’

If you get chance, get lost in the hedge maze or for a real challenge, take on the  Forbidden Mansions Professor, with his fiendish challenges within. That’s of course if you can find your way through the Mansion in the first place, with its extraordinary rooms, corridors and secret passageways.

Our takeaway cafe will provide you with plenty of nourishment to keep those batteries charged if you so decide.

All in all, quite a different day out. Entry is by booked tickets only.



  • Professors Baffling Brain Trail
  • Muddlers Mystery Trail
  • Tremuddlewick village
  • Porterswick Junction Light Railway
  • Forbidden Mansion
  • Professors Ultimate Challenge
  • Garden Railway
  • Cottage Garden
  • Folly Garden
  • Maze
  • Cafe
  • Gift Shop

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