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Fly fishing is absorbing. For some it’s the scenery and solitude of the wild surroundings. For others it’s the anticipation of what the next cast will bring. Hours of tranquility are punctuated by heart-racing excitement. It’s addictive, challenging, rewarding and no two days are the same – everyone should try it.

We have two full-time fishing instructors, David Pilkington (AAPGAI) and Alex Jones. Over the past 80 years thousands of men and women, boys and girls have learned to fish at The Arundell Arms. Each year we run a number of beginners’ fly-fishing courses on river and still water, and also give individual and group tuition from beginner to advanced level.

Fishing Day Tickets

The following day tickets are available to purchase from us;

Brown Trout
£35 per rod per day, March 15th – September 30th.

Arundell Arms beats:
£35 per rod per day, March 1st – June 15th
£40 per rod per day, June 16th – August 31st
£50 per rod per day, September 1st – October 14th

Endsleigh beats:
£50 per rod per day, June 18th – July 8th
£60 per rod per day, August 22nd – September 2nd
Sea Trout
£35 per rod per day/night
£30 per rod per day, October 1st – March 14th
Tinhay Lake
£45 per rod per day (four-fish bag limit), open all year.
£22.50 per rod per half-day (two-fish bag limit), open all year



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