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Kit Hill is a wild rugged hill formed from granite that originated as molten rock which then cooled and solidified deep within the earth’s crust. As it cooled, cracks within the granite became infilled with minerals crystalizing to form lodes rich in ores such as tin, copper, arsenic and wolfram. Rich in archaeology with signs of thousands of years of human activity – from a Neolithic long barrow (approx. 3000BC) to 19th Century mining remains, including the ornate summit chimney stack Kit Hill is an archaeological and geological treasure store,  having been extensively mined and quarried from medieval times up until as recent as 1995. Formerly owned by the Ducy of Cornwall, Kit Hill was given to the people of Cornwall in 1985 and is now part of the Cornwall and West Devon World Heritage Site.

Kit Hill is known as a Marilyn – in other words a hill of any height with a drop of 150 meters (492 feet) or more on all sides. There are approximately 2010 Marilyns throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

Today the hill top is famous for it fine views. As a 400 acre Country Park and the highest point in the Tamar Valley it forms a dominating feature to be seen for miles around. Climb the hill for stunning views over the valley, across to Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor and towards Plymouth and The Sound. There are lots of opportunities for walking with a network of paths. Visitors can even follow a circular trail marked with distinctive granite posts on the ground that links the main features of interest on the Hill. Its a favourite with dog-lovers too with acres and acres of wide open spaces for dogs to explore. As a word of caution though, keep an eye out on warmer days for adders.


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