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Professional marketing support for businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector.

When you’re running a small business, you’re always trying to achieve more for less: less time, less budget, fewer resources etc. We provide small businesses in the Tamar Valley with access to professional marketing expertise without the costs usually associated with hiring your own marketing manager, whether your business needs ongoing support on a longer-term basis, or as an ad-hoc project-driven resource.

“With your business objectives leading the way, our job is to work with you to build marketing solutions that connect your business with your preferred customers”.

We make traditional and digital marketing tactics meaningful, effective, and therefore worthwhile for small businesses.  From the outset, we seek out the best way to market your business, then devise a strategy that is scalable, flexible, and above all affordable. So often, finding the right small business marketing company can become a time-consuming matter of chance. There are so many to choose from, all offering a long and often perplexing list of services loaded with vernacular. Tamar Marketing ditches jargon and unnecessary fluff in favour of good old-fashioned first-class service.


  • Tamar Marketing is proud to work with Visit Tamar Valley as their Marketing Partner